Brightwater Blues - They just love to play!

December 10, 2012

Every time the members of Brightwater Blues get out their instruments, they're inside the music. It doesn't matter if they're playing a Robert Johnson blues classic, a 60's rock & roll song or one of their member's more contemporary originals, they're in the inspiration zone.

They vary their sound from song to song, swapping out on instruments and vocal duties and selecting songs from their deep individual and band repertoires to keep the sound fresh throughout each and every show. Each lick from one musician inspires the others, building a constantly changing texture of organic sound making every performance of each song unique.

Tom "Ketchfish" Inglis and Leo "Blue" Chalmers of the electric blues group "The KetchFish Band" had the idea to branch out and form a second band to play some acoustic shows. Kevin Byron, the drummer for "The KetchFish Band" was invited to join, adding solid yet subtle drumming to the mix .  Filling out the line-up is Tim Spaulding, guitar whiz and vocalist extraordiare.

The instrument score card for this little 4 piece acoustic band is as follows:

Leo "Blue" Chalmers - blues harp and acoustic bass
Tom "Ketchfish" Inglis - lead and backing vocals, guitar, slide guitar and bass
Tim Spaulding - lead and backing vocals, guitars
Kevin Byron - drums and occasional vocals

You'd have to be a math whiz to figure out all the possible configurations but every one is used in every show. Material ranges from post war blues, through Chicago blues, with a detour off into 60's/70's rock & roll, some eclectic change up numbers through to originals by both Tom "Ketchfish" and Tim.

Brightwater Blues is currently booking shows in the York County, Maine and nearby surrounding area. Contact them at for more information. Availability is limited by prior bookings and schedules of the band members' other projects.

For bookings and more information, please email us at

Emailed you Tom to discuss numbers for the show we discussed.

The KetchFish Band (electric blues) will be performing at the Kennebunk May Day Festival on May 4, 2013. We're looking for a "tie in" gig for our acoustic band Brightwater Blues that evening.


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